WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) joined House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Chair Mike Thompson (CA-4), Vice Chair Lucy McBath (GA-7), Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi, and advocates for a press conference announcing three discharge petitions seeking to bring gun violence prevention legislation to the House Floor. This morning, House Democrats introduced three discharge petitions that would ban assault weapons, require universal background checks, and close the Charleston loophole, providing the opportunity to advance commonsense gun reforms despite the Republican Majority’s callous obstruction. Below is a transcript of her remarks: 

“Thank you so much. Thank you, Assistant Leader Clyburn, for your inspiring words and your work to close this deadly loophole. Thanks to my friend Mike Thompson, whose vision for a gun-violence-free future remains our Caucus's north star. And to Lucy McBath, whose strength channels so many parents and families around this country who have had to draw immeasurable courage from unimaginable pain. We are so grateful to you, Lucy. And to every member of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. These leaders embody the best of this institution, because their mission is premised on a basic truth: our kids matter more than our guns.

“When did the other side of the aisle lose track of that truth? When did extremism ingrain itself so deeply in the Republican Party that anything could possibly matter more than our children? How can you look at a church basement devastated like a battlefield? How can you look at a bloodied dance floor? A bullet-ridden classroom? Then come to this building, to our nation's capital, and do nothing?

“MAGA extremists have chosen to turn their backs on the American people. And, every single day that they refuse to act, they abandon another 117 Americans to a violent death. 

“Unlike the MAGA GOP, Democrats are here to fulfill our oath of office. We're here to side with moms and dads and students and teachers and coworkers and law enforcement – not the NRA. And last year, we enacted the most sweeping gun safety law in nearly three decades. But this year, today, Republicans are voting to expand access to weapons of war – during Gun Violence Awareness Month, on the same week as our two heart wrenching anniversaries: the Pulse nightclub and Mother Emanuel Church. How cruel can you be?

“So, once again, Democrats are coming forward with solutions. If there is still any shame left in the Republican Conference, if there’s an ounce of regret, this is your chance to do something about it. Join us. Bring this legislation to the Floor. Make a choice to put our kids over guns.”

For event photos, click HERE. To watch the full press conference, click HERE.

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