WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (MA-5) spoke on the House Floor, denouncing the GOP-manufactured default crisis and urging House Republicans to join 213 Democrats in signing a discharge petition. Below is a transcript of her remarks: 

“I don’t know how my colleagues across the aisle who voted for the Default on America Act are going to look our veterans in the eye this Memorial Day.  

“You have presented our country with an impossible choice: devastating cuts or a devastating default? Hungry families or homeless seniors? Kids without classrooms or parents without jobs? Empty VA clinics or empty savings accounts? And now, you’re sending us home with no resolution. 

“That’s the plan: To default. To run out the clock. Well I have some good news for you. 213, every single member of the Democratic Caucus has signed the discharge petition. 

“So before you go home, before you go home, it only takes 5 patriots. 5 patriots to join us in the fight for the American people. Join us. Sign the petition. Stay here and fight for American families. Fight for their American security.”

To view her full remarks, click HERE.

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