The office of U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark (MA-05) provided the following statement March 7:

Last week, I invited public health officials from Massachusetts' 5th District to be my virtual guests to President Biden's State of the Union — including Natasha Waden, Arlington's public health director.

Incredible local public health officials, like Natasha, have put community before self, risking their own health to protect their neighbors from Covid-19. I’m so grateful for everything they're doing to serve MA-5.

President Biden and Congressional Democrats knew that these local officials would be on the frontlines of the crisis, and that’s why we put health care investments at the top of our agenda in Washington. I was proud to vote for the American Rescue Plan that provided funding and resources to our local public health departments.

This federal funding enabled our local public health officials to provide Covid-19 tests, contact tracing, and vital PPE. Their work saved lives and helped our schools and businesses to safely reopen.

A screenshot of Rep. Clark speaking with public health officials on Zoom. There are 14 officials, sorted in a grid.I’m so grateful to our hometown heroes like Natasha, and all our health care providers, for their courageous service. And I told her the same thing I'm telling you: 

I will never stop fighting for what our communities need to be healthy and safe. 


An image of Congresswoman Clark's signature.

Congresswoman Katherine Clark

Assistant Speaker of the House of Representatives