“Today is a hopeful day in America. Congress has sent a historic bill to the President’s desk that will crush the coronavirus and provide transformative support for American families. Right now, over two million women have been pushed out of the workforce and 12 million children are facing hunger, and we are answering these unprecedented challenges with unprecedented progress. The American Rescue Plan will deliver funding to reopen schools safely, vaccinate all Americans, stabilize our small businesses, cut child poverty in half, deliver survival checks, and invest directly in child care, finally honoring its role as an essential piece of our economic infrastructure. 

“Fundamentally, this bill is about putting the American people first. It aids the communities hardest hit and lifts up those struggling the most. From economic to racial and gender injustice, the pandemic brought into stark relief persistent inequities that have long endured in America. We are disrupting these patterns of disparity and providing hope to the hungry, homeless and hurting Americans that too often have been left out and left behind.  

“With recovery on the horizon and optimism in what is possible, I am proud to have supported this bill and eager for it to be signed into law by President Biden.”


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