Incoming Assistant House Speaker Katherine Clark said Wednesday it is long past time for Congress to pass another coronavirus relief package, arguing that lawmakers on Capitol Hill “cannot overspend” in their push to help cash-strapped families and businesses.

Mrs. Clark in an interview on “Morning Joe” cited Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s recent assertion that the nation needs more stimulus spending.

“We have to recognize that, from the words of their own Federal Reserve head, we cannot invest enough in the American people at this time,” the Massachusetts Democrat said. “We cannot overspend in helping them to recover.”

Mrs. Clark said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has opposed the spending levels included in the Democrats’ relief plan, has continued “to ignore” the need for more stimulus.

“We are not in a negotiation here over a used car or a house,” she said. “We are talking about lives.”

“We have to get this relief out,” Mrs. Clark said.


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