Washington, D.C.–Congresswoman Katherine Clark (MA-5) released the following statement on the Supreme Court upholding President Trump's Muslim ban:

"The Supreme Court’s decision upholding President Trump’s Muslim ban is a shameful sanctioning of discrimination and a hard-right turn away from our nation’s commitment to religious freedom. By allowing the President to use prejudice instead of facts to guide our nation’s security policies, the Supreme Court is turning its back on our commitment to religious liberty.

"Trump has repeatedly made hateful, racist statements about immigrant communities and specifically Muslims throughout his presidency, and his Muslim ban puts these intolerant views into a law that serves to divide our country and weaken our security.  With this decision, the Supreme Court is allowing the President’s personal racial and religious biases and prejudices to dictate our immigration policy. It is a dangerous decision for our democracy, and all of us must hold the administration accountable to protect religious and personal freedom."