Washington, D.C.–Congresswoman Katherine Clark (MA-5) released the following statement on President’s Trump executive order that continues the detainment of families:

“Trump’s executive order is a political fig leaf rather than a reversal of the administration’s cruel policy of ripping babies and children from their parents and detaining them in tents and cages.
“It provides no plans to reunite the more than 2,000 children currently separated from their parents. It also seeks to end the twenty day limit on holding children thus allowing families and children to be detained indefinitely.
“Throughout this ordeal, Trump and his administration have repeatedly lied to the American people. The outcry of the American public is the only reason why the President has backtracked on his own disastrous policy, and continued pressure is the only thing that will ensure the safety of these children. I will be traveling to the Texas border this week to attempt to determine the welfare and whereabouts of the children separated from their parents and demand answers about their ongoing care and plans for reunification with their families.”