GOP Rejects Clark Bill to Release Trump Tax Returns, White House Visitor Logs

Washington, D.C. – House Republicans once again failed to hold President Trump accountable, voting against a transparency measure introduced by Congresswoman Katherine Clark and supported by House Democrats. During Thursday’s floor debate, Democrats pushed Clark’s measure directing the administration to release Trump’s tax returns and White House visitor logs. Clark’s House resolution underscores Trump’s reversal on promises to rid Washington of special interest influence, filling his administration with billionaire special interest lobbyists, hiding White House visitor records, and obscuring his potential conflicts of interest by refusing to release his tax returns.

“While Trump fights to keep Americans in the dark about which of his friends he owes special favors to, whether it’s Big Oil, foreign banks, lobbyists at Mar-A-Lago, or Russia, Republicans are more than happy to look the other way,” said Clark. “Transparency and accountability are not conservative or liberal ideas. Families at home deserve a Congress that works together to check the worst impulses of this unaccountable administration.”

Full text of Clark’s resolution can be found here.

Clark's remarks can be viewed here and below.