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We are a nation of immigrants, and the immigrant story is the American story. The rich diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences make our nation stronger. Immigrants make up the fabric of our communities, the backbone of our economy, and are at the forefront of innovation.

The long wait times for family and employment-based immigration hinders our economic growth and productivity, and must be fixed. Congress has a responsibility to the millions who have called this country home yet lack a pathway to citizenship. Dreamers and DACA recipients were brought to this country as young children and know no other home. Individuals with Temporary Protected Status, many who have lived here for decades and have deep roots in our communities, deserve permanent protections. They are American in every way but a piece of paper.

Our immigration system should be fair, just, and treat those seeking refuge with humanity. Barring entry, separating children and families, and sending those fleeing violence back to violence is against everything I believe in.

It is long past time for Congress to act and I am committed to moving us forward to bring relief to the millions of immigrants caught up in our broken system.