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Nothing is more fundamental to our democracy than equal voting rights. Unfortunately, through voter suppression laws and unregulated political campaign spending, the voices and votes of the American people have become diluted. 

A new era of Jim Crow policies are being implemented in state legislatures across the country, limiting access to the ballot box. Corporations are able to buy political influence. And, as has long been true in America, these anti-democracy initiatives hurt communities of color the most.

We must pass reforms that will help strengthen voting rights across our country. We must reinstall the voting protections dismantled by the Supreme Court to ensure that every voice is heard and every vote is counted. We must strengthen our ethics laws to ensure elected officials are representing the American people first and foremost, end Congressional gerrymandering, and modernize our voting laws to make it easier to register and cast a ballot. In the United States, it should be easy to vote, and hard to buy elections.