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We have a fundamental responsibility to future generations to preserve our environment, conserve our resources, and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Climate change has already had a devastating effect on the safety and health of billions of people worldwide – if we fail to make a change, it will only get worse. Unprecedented climactic events from typhoons and extreme heat, to drought and famine, to rising sea levels and the destruction of delicate marine ecosystems, are warning bells that should call all of us to act before it is too late. 

I am proud to have supported a range of important policies designed to combat this growing threat, including the Green New Deal, the Break Free From Plastics Pollution Act, the Clean Power Plan, and increased federal funding for climate research. I am also building partnerships to design smarter, better climate and ocean monitoring technology. 

One of the most straightforward investments we can make to support a clean and healthy environment is in renewable energy technology, which is why I support legislation to incentivize the development of alternative energy sources, like offshore wind technology. Simultaneously, we must also stop incentivizing the production of fossil fuels and impose a price on pollution that accurately reflects its cost to society.

Future generations depend on our immediate action.