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Every American should have equal access to the justice and equality promised in our Constitution.  I am committed to passing policies that will untangle us from the toxic roots of slavery and colonization. 

The legacy of discrimination in America permeates our civic institutions and perpetuates systemic inequities. From birth to the ballot box, Black Americans do not have the same access to resources and rights as white Americans. Latinos experience higher rates of unemployment than their non-Hispanic peers, and their median household income is only three-quarters that of their white counterparts. Native Americans experience significant economic and health inequities as they grapple with the legacy of colonialism. And as violence and hate towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community is on the rise in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are grappling with the history of discrimination against AAPI people. 

From our Black, Latino, and immigrant neighbors, to our Native and AAPI communities, too many Americans face discrimination based on the color of their skin or where they are from. This discrimination manifests itself in health outcomes, educational and employment opportunities, and basic safety. That’s why I’m an original co-sponsor of the Justice in Policing Act, historic legislation to address systemic racism in police departments across the country, hold officers accountable to the communities they serve, and end police brutality in our country. I have introduced legislation to address the maternal mortality crisis, expand housing and child care, and promote environmental justice. I voted to pass the COVID Hate Crimes Act and continue my work on eliminating the school to prison pipeline and creating health care equity. I am advocating for the American Jobs Plan, which will address environmental injustices, invest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities, raise wages, and build infrastructure to reconnect underserved communities to job opportunities. 

I will continue my work to ensure our policies and institutions put an end to bigotry, promote equity, and fulfill our nation's promise of opportunity and justice for all.