Veterans Issues

I believe it is our nation’s solemn duty to uphold the promises we’ve made to our military personnel. Our servicemen and women, and their families, have made enormous sacrifices to answer the call of duty on our behalf. They deserve to have full confidence in the institutions and structures that support them, and they should never have to fight to receive the benefits they have earned.

That is why I voted for legislation reversing a 1% cut to the retirement pay of veterans under the age of 62. This legislation has since been signed into law by the President Obama. In addition, I have requested that House Appropriators fully fund research into Gulf War Illness, the Homeless Veterans Reintegration program, and the Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing program. And, I have supported a federal budget that would reduce our defense budget without reducing military personnel wages or benefits, including TRICARE and pensions.

Often, military service provides veterans with unique skills that are valuable to civilian employers, whether in cyber security, aircraft maintenance, welding, nursing, or any one of countless other fields. I’m committed to providing veterans with the resources they need to successfully re-enter the civilian job market. America faces substantial nation building challenges here at home, and our veterans’ strength is an invaluable asset in the face of those challenges.

For more information concerning my work and views on veterans issues, please contact me.

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